Saloni is a very honest and down to earth individual. She is independent and works as a staff nurse to pay off her student loans. Saloni is passionate about pursuing nursing and is always very concerned for her patients. She enjoys painting and singing in her free time.

Jennifer Hannah John

Jennifer is very fluent in english and has developed strong time management skills during her Nursing course. Her father has been unemployed for four years and her mother works as an assistant. She has two siblings and her brother works for Amazon to support the family. In her free time, she volunteers as a teacher and enjoys dancing and singing. 

Reena Singh

Reena is an aspiring nurse who realised her passion when she was working at a hospital as a helper. She likes the practical aspects of her course but struggles with theory as she is not as fluent in english. Her father is unemployed due to cancer but occasionally drives an auto. She likes to participate in sports and singing. 

Kajal Gupta

Kajal is a B.Sc Nursing student at Holy Family College. She is looking forward to acquiring a masters in science and taking up a job as a nurse. She enjoys dancing and her favourite areas of study are physiology and skill development. Her father lost his job due to a medical condition so her parents opened a small shop to fend for the family. She also has a twin sister who wants to do a Masters degree in business administration.

Blessy Mol Sebastian

Blessy is a nursing student at the Holy Family College of Nursing. She is an aspiring medical surgeon and wishes to get a masters in science. Blessy is a sports enthusiast and also enjoys singing and playing the keyboard. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she worked as a warden in a private school as a source of income. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, she lost her job. Blessy has wonderful composure and an optimistic outlook on life. 


Anjali is studying mathematics and has an avid interest in computers too. She is very close to her family and her father works in a shop. She has worked to learn Python on her own and is thinking of pursuing a career in the tech field. Anjali enjoys reading in her free time and hopes to build her confidence through the GLOW mentoring sessions.


Zakia is a second year history honors student who has a passion for social justice. She is extremely proactive and is involved in a multiplicity of activities. She knows JAVA and Python and used these skills to create a website to connect workers such as carpenters to employers.  

Zakia has even been involved in research at college and worked on a project studying the history of architecture and related technology. She has five siblings and her father works in bag manufacturing. 

“I love finding new opportunities and figuring out how to help others,”  she told us during her interview. 


Sarita is pursuing her degree in Sanskrit and plans to be a school teacher. She was raised by a single mom who works as domestic help in a house who managed to scrape together to save enough for Sarita to begin college. After the pandemic hit, there were no options to gain additional income and so Sarita needs more support. 

Sarita is motivated and is diligently preparing for her B.Ed entrance exams. She uses her mother’s phone to follow her online classes and is determined to get a good job so she can be the one supporting her mother.


Garima is a History honors student who dreams of becoming a teacher. Her father is a daily wage laborer and her mother is a housewife. Garima is keen to complete her studies and be able to support herself and her family.


Anushka is in the second year of her History program. She is positive, fluent in English, and hopes to join the IAS. Her father works at a DMS booth and he supports her in this dream. On campus she has managed the Union Team’s social media. Anushka is self-aware and enthusiastic. She has overcome health issues and numerous other challenges to get where she is today.