Nida Khalid

Nida is pursuing B.Sc in Mathematics and wants to pursue a career in banking and become financially independent. Her father, who is a car mechanic, ails from kidney problems and finds it difficult to fulfill his obligations so she wants to support him. She enjoys painting.


She is pursuing Hindi Hons and has joined courses to learn in Tally, Excel and has won various medals in sports. She is also very keen on improving her communication skills. Her father on a laborer’s salary is unable to make the bills as he is paying for 4 children and a wife. Riya wants to pursue a B.Ed and become a teacher after she graduates.


She is pursuing Hindi Hons and loves to listen to music, read books and hopes to teach and become independent. Her father works at a jeans factory and is finding the fee increase too much to handle. She wants to improve her communication and confidence.

Shanvi Thakre

Shanvi is pursuing History Hons and is involved in various societies like MUN, debates, and literature. She wants to take the UPSC exams and join the Civil Services and has a keen interest in working for the Archeological Society of India. Her father is a shopkeeper in Bihar.

Aarti Kumari

Aarti is pursuing History Hons in 2nd year. Unfortunately, she met with a tragedy recently. She lost her father and brother to a gas explosion in the house. She was also severely injured and needs surgery. She is a brave girl and is willing to work hard to finish her 2nd year and continue with her studies.

Anshika Agarwal

She is pursuing History Hons, a confident girl who has participated in various acting and dancing competitions, besides which she has won prizes in essay writing, badminton, drama, etc. She wants to become an IAS officer and serve the country. Her father owns a small veterinary medical shop in U.P.

Krati Jain

Krati is pursuing History (Hons) 2nd year, she is very interested in the sociopolitical situation of the country. While she wants to be a school teacher, she also plans to sit for the UPSC exams which may help her achieve a secret dream of eventually becoming the Prime Minister of India. She loves to play badminton and has participated in the IGKO Olympiad. Her father is a mechanic in an auto workshop with limited means.


Saloni is a very honest and down to earth individual. She is independent and works as a staff nurse to pay off her student loans. Saloni is passionate about pursuing nursing and is always very concerned for her patients. She enjoys painting and singing in her free time.

Jennifer Hannah John

Jennifer is very fluent in english and has developed strong time management skills during her Nursing course. Her father has been unemployed for four years and her mother works as an assistant. She has two siblings and her brother works for Amazon to support the family. In her free time, she volunteers as a teacher and enjoys dancing and singing. 

Reena Singh

Reena is an aspiring nurse who realised her passion when she was working at a hospital as a helper. She likes the practical aspects of her course but struggles with theory as she is not as fluent in english. Her father is unemployed due to cancer but occasionally drives an auto. She likes to participate in sports and singing.